30 Best Collection Of Nelson Mandela Quotes

Nelson Mandela was born in 18 July 1918 and he was South African apartheid revolutionary, politician who served his country as president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. Nelson Mandela was first black chief executive who was being elected in a democratic election. The main focus of his government was on dismantling the legacy of apartheid

30 Motivational Quotes For Life

Motivation is basically courage to do something. Motivation is basically an inner drive to do something and you have your goal in mind and you have to achieve this at any cost. Motivation always increases your confidence and help person to perform better in specific fields of life. When you motivate some one you are

Best 4 Meme Generators

A meme is a picture with a caption that is normally something humorous and is shared around social networks. Memes are used in many cases to gain social shares, likes and generally social network attention. Memes can be fun or just plain annoying, especially if you have a family member or friend who enjoys posting

Amazing Pictures Of Different Shark Species

Sharks are incredible animals that are also one of the most feared animals in the world and considering that there have only been around 152 recorded fatalities ever, it must have something to do with the media hype surrounding the dangers of shark attacks, movies such as Jaws probably do not help the sharks publicity.

Top 20 True Funny Quotes

Sometimes it takes a joke, a funny video, image or  friend to make use laugh, however, laughter can be brought to anyone with a funny quote and such quotes can be used at social gatherings to spread the laughter. Most funny quotes are a lot shorter, maybe one liners, but they still have the same

10 Best Collection Of Minions Wallpapers

Minions is a popular American 3D animated movie for kids featuring actress´s  Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Saunders and actors Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton and Steve Coogan. Minions is currently the second highest grossing animated move of all time, pulling in over $1.1 Billions US dollars worldwide, making it the 11th highest grossing movie of all

Most Colourful Places in the World to Visit

The world we live in is beautiful. Naturally. There are sights we see in our everyday life that tell us that indeed the world is beautiful. It is we who either fail to see it or maybe we have polluted its beauty. Nothing’s pristine anymore. We have inhabited this earth for more than a few

14 Ways to Reignite the Love

Ways to Reignite the Love   Married and bored? Well, it’s difficult to keep the romance alive with kids around and a house to manage too. And if you have a job as well, we don’t blame you.   But it is true that we need to keep the flame going, else things may fall

Random Photos in Full HD for Free Use – Part One

I left the house an hour early today on the way to school to pick up my son and decided to take my new camera, a Cannon SX530 HS along with me to see if I could get some nice photos for the readers of PicPulp. I first stopped at a wind turbine and took

Guess the Object

Just for fun, we have taken some photographs of objects that you will find anywhere around your house or nearby and we have zoomed in and cropped each photo. You will find 10 zoomed and cropped photographs below and the answers at the bottom of the page, but first, see how many you can guess

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