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30 Best Collection Of Nelson Mandela Quotes

Nelson Mandela was born in 18 July 1918 and he was South African apartheid revolutionary, politician who served his country as president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. Nelson Mandela was first black chief executive who was being elected in a democratic election. The main focus of his government was on dismantling the legacy of apartheid

30 Motivational Quotes For Life

Motivation is basically courage to do something. Motivation is basically an inner drive to do something and you have your goal in mind and you have to achieve this at any cost. Motivation always increases your confidence and help person to perform better in specific fields of life. When you motivate some one you are

Top 20 True Funny Quotes

Sometimes it takes a joke, a funny video, image or  friend to make use laugh, however, laughter can be brought to anyone with a funny quote and such quotes can be used at social gatherings to spread the laughter. Most funny quotes are a lot shorter, maybe one liners, but they still have the same

30 Sad Breakup Quotes That Make You Cry

Breakup is saddest moment of life. Breakup is basically the termination of relationship because of any means other than death.  Breakup is not related to marriage people, when marriage couples are being separated then it is called as broken engagement. Breakup is related to those boys and girls who are in a relationship but not

30 + Wonderful Collection of Time Quotes

Time is a very precious thing in life of every person. People who care about time always achieve their goal and destination. Time never stops for anybody and it always goes on.  People who do not care about time found their selves totally hopeless and weak sometime because of improperly management of time in their

30 + Best Collection Of Marriage Quotes

Marriage is a relation between two persons for lifetime. When a person is being married to someone then he or she is responsible to take care of his/her partner so that they can pass their life with love and care. Some people are very lucky not because they are being married but the reason is

Best Collection of Intelligence Quotes

Intelligence is a mental quality that consists of the abilities to understand things clearly, handle abstract concepts and situations in a better way and remember them as knowledge. Only trying to define it has been one of the biggest and most debated topics in psychology. For example, psychologist Louis L. Thurstone presented a theory of

30 + Best Collection Of Delicious Food Quotes

Food is basically a substance used to provide nutritional support for body.  Almost all of people in this world love to eat, but some of the people are so crazy they also say that are born to eat. In early days people obtain food by hunting and fishing. But now a day’s food is being

30 + Best Collection Of Leadership Quotes

Leadership can be described as a process of being social influence in which one person that is leader plays an important role in accomplishing a common task.  Also you can define leadership as person who plays his role in organizing a group of people to achieve a common task. You can also define leader as

30 + Heart Broking I Hate You Quotes

I hate you is are heart broking words that you say to someone, people say these words in different conditions when someone is ignoring and not giving appropriate attention to his friend, or any other family member or loved one. Hating someone is not a good thing, but in life there are always such moments

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