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Amazing Pictures Of Different Shark Species

Sharks are incredible animals that are also one of the most feared animals in the world and considering that there have only been around 152 recorded fatalities ever, it must have something to do with the media hype surrounding the dangers of shark attacks, movies such as Jaws probably do not help the sharks publicity.

20 Funny Photos to Make You Smile

When you are feeling depressed, unhappy, sad or lonely, it is quite difficult sometimes to cheer yourself up. The best way to achieve this is through humor and there is nothing better than a couple of funny photos to make that happen! Some people may find that socializing with others, reading a book, watching a

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Family And Friends

Here are some of the best thanksgiving wishes for friends and family that you can download.Thanksgiving is for every new morning that brings light in your life, for the sleep and safe haven of night, the healthy and wealthy life you spend, and for the love, friends and family that bring goodness in your life.

30+ Best Happy Fathers Day Pictures And Quotes

Happy Father’s Day is one occasion where you get a bright chance to honor the very person who brought you to this world. Happy Fathers Day is celebrated in the month of June on the third weekend (Sunday). Father’s Day is a celebrated joyfully around the world as an acknowledgement and tribute to all the

25+ Best Happy Mothers Day Pictures And Quotes

“Happy Mothers Day”… this is the exactly what you get to hear or utter/shout on the 2nd Sunday of May every year. Happy Mother’s day is celebrated with full energy and enthusiasm throughout the world as a salute and acknowledgement to perhaps the most important personality in our lives “Mother”. Mother’s day is a time

30 Tiger Pictures That You Will Love

Tiger is fastest animal on earth. Tiger has ability to catch his prey very fast. . Tiger legs help him to run him fast. They are exceptionally hazardous however some tiger mates kept them as a pet. They prepared them .They don’t consume people when kept as pet. Tiger has long two sharp teeth by

30 + Beautiful Collection of Tumblr Backgrounds

Looking for some cool Tumblr Backgrounds perhaps? Well, we got you covered, as you probably already know Tumblr saw the first light back in 2007 and was an interesting hybrid between a blogging and a social network with many features. It was founded by David Karp initially and later acquired by Yahoo Inc., as mentioned

30 + Beautiful And Stunning Lion Pictures

Lion is often called as king of forest and is very famous among human beings. Their average age is about 10-14 years and also lion is being the second largest living field in length and the weight. Male lions have usually lot of hairs on their face. Lion has some unique characteristics when comparing him

30 + Examples Of Unique And Amazing Pictures

People are tired of their tuff routines, all the day they work hard but when they come back from their offices, they want to relax. Different people use different ways to relax themselves, some people mostly used to walk to relax their mind and some people usually watch TV to relax their mind. Some people

30 Plus Most Cute and Beautiful Baby Pictures

Baby is a young human who is just born from a woman. New born baby hips and shoulder are wide, arms and legs are wide with respect to rest of body and also the average weight of new-born baby is approximately 3.4kg. New born baby have head larger than their body and also color of

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