20 Funny Photos to Make You Smile

When you are feeling depressed, unhappy, sad or lonely, it is quite difficult sometimes to cheer yourself up. The best way to achieve this is through humor and there is nothing better than a couple of funny photos to make that happen! Some people may find that socializing with others, reading a book, watching a movie or playing a game will give them all they need to make themselves happy, but maybe you are tired, stuck in your house and just want to be alone and make yourself giggle a bit without any hassle.

You could do a search for funny images or you could just stick with PicPulp and view the funny photos on this page which are sure to make you laugh! All of the photos below are probably the funniest photos you will ever find on the internet and most of them are very true to life and life experiences that just maybe you will be able to relate to. You might even know a family member or a friend who comes to your mind when you look at some of the photos. Please feel free to share this page with your friends and give them a smile too!

Ok, here we go, 20 Funny Photos to Make You Smile….


1, DonĀ“t text and drive!


2, Mobile phones have gone boring!


3, How to trick your boss at work!


4, Do this in public and watch the reaction of the people!


5, A bad pilot, help him land!


6, How to not save a fish from drowning!


7, Eat a kid or take a photograph?!


8, Are you really sure that is the only problem with your car?


9, Will you ever eat popcorn again?


10, Mothers do worry!


11, A very strong Arch!


12, Pose for my selfie!


13, Anyone else have this problem?


14, She has to be very smart for a relationship with me!


16, The gold at the end of a rainbow!


17, I think many accidents will occur!


18, He should be free but maybe the chair is too heavy?


19, Know Algebra? Try and get a job!


20, Which way?



So there you go, 20 funny photos to make you smile. If you enjoy them, please share this page with your family and friends and put a smile on their face too.

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