14 Ways to Reignite the Love


Ways to Reignite the Love


Married and bored? Well, it’s difficult to keep the romance alive with kids around and a house to manage too. And if you have a job as well, we don’t blame you.


But it is true that we need to keep the flame going, else things may fall apart. Long after the honeymoon is over, you need to still make effort to date your husband. Having a babysitter around and using the help of families is an old timer. Going out for a movie is fun once in a while. And then? You get bored with the same old thing. How do you do it?


Here are some ideas that may give you the cue:


1, Sit back home with a bowl of popcorn and watch your favorite movie together. The one that you saw when you were dating?

Romantic Movie


2, Like reading? Go for a bookstore date. While that may not be particularly appealing, it works for couple who share an interest in books.

Bookstore Date


3, Buy each other little gifts for no reason at all. Keep it a surprise. That will add to the fun element.

Lovers Gift


4, Cook a lunch or dinner together. Eat from the same plate, if you will. Better still, do a candlelight dinner.

Candlelit Dinner


5, Like to take a walk? Hold hands and take a walk round the park. Better still, take a hike in the woods. Do it in the morning and feel great afterwards. Unwind and have a picnic. Just enjoy being with each other.

Holding Hands


6, Do you share interest in dancing? Take lessons in Salsa, or Waltz with Ballroom Dancing lessons.

Couple Dancing


7, Just sip some coffee at home with your legs thrown up in the air. Be with him and gaze at the stars together.

Drinking Coffee


8, Do you like art? Browse through a gallery and find one that sparks your creativity.

Art Gallery


9, Wine yards are beautiful anyways. Whether or not you like to taste wine, just go around walking. Stop by a café if they have.

Vine Yard


10, Pretty easy for couple who share interests. But those who don’t? Should you just fret over that? Well, we suggest give each other a good, relaxing massage. Use aroma oils and do your best. Return the love.



11, Songs always mellow people. They take you back down memory lane. Listen to you old favorites play while you just stare at each other. Well, after many long years, one may not want to stare as long, but just try for as long as you can.

Love Song


12, Visit a grocery store. It might be the last option in your list. But hey, it works. Visit an international store. Explore new food stuffs and products.

Grocery Store


13, List a few things that each one of you love doing. Then set thinking how you can start fulfilling those.



14, Think like a tourist and take a tour of your city, doing things that you normally wouldn’t do. Make your mind think its new to this city and explore things that you never noticed earlier.

City Tour