Happy July the 4th!!


Today, July 4th we celebrate the Independence Day of America, to commemorate the independence of Great Britain, approved by The Second Continental Congress in 1776 (July 2nd to be exacts).

It was the Declaration of independence what took two days for founder fathers to write, discuss and approve, and is the date of the issue of this declaration which has survived and become a traditional celebration day for all Americans around the world. As a curiosity for the history records, the destiny wanted that both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams (both signers of the declaration AND presidents of USA) would day on the same July 4th in 1826, which curiously coincided also with the fiftieth anniversary of the signal of the Declaration of Independence.

The Independence Day is a federal celebration day so most of government agencies close this day, it is also an excellent opportunity to celebrate outdoors with hotdogs, family, barbeque and of course a good provision of fireworks!


This has been a short post which will be enhanced in the future, we wanted above all to wish a Great July 4th to all of you!!


Let’s remember the wise and wisdom of Thomas Jefferson with some of his quotes that are as valid today as they were in his time


The man who’s not afraid of truth shall not be afraid of lies.

The just freedom means to act according our will, being our rights only limited by the rights of the others

The shine of a positive though is of more worth than all the money in the world

There’s no talent more valuable than to do not use two words when one is enough

The art of life is the art of avoid pain

If you only try to comply with your duty, the humanity will believe you when you fail

It’s not the riches or the splendor, but serenity and work which provides happiness

The God that gave us life gave us freedom at the same time

Never buy what is useless under the plea that it’s cheap

I like more the dreams of future than the history of the past

To educate and inform the people is the only way to safeguard our freedom

United we stand, divided we fall

July the 4th

America, the land of the brave!