Random Photos in Full HD for Free Use – Part One

I left the house an hour early today on the way to school to pick up my son and decided to take my new camera, a Cannon SX530 HS along with me to see if I could get some nice photos for the readers of PicPulp.

I first stopped at a wind turbine and took a shot angled up skywards, after this, I went up a mountain and took some landscape photographs, including a dead tree. Back down the mountain, I visited my family home and took a photo of my mothers love bird in its cage and a turtle by the pond. I collected my son and took him back home where I decided to try and use the Aperture Priority mode, basically taking a photo of something small from a distance, zooming in, lowering the Aperture Priority setting and snapping, I used this mode for 3 photos, a peg on a clothes line, a flower, a Canarian plant outside our front gate and a passing airplane. This followed from last night when I took a photo of the moon in its first quarter, which I am actually quite proud of, although it took a very long time and no tripod!

I am very new to photography, so hopefully you enjoy my first try and more so, hopefully the photographs will get better. Please feel free to use them as you wish, whether you just want to view them on PicPulp or use them as a wallpapers, your website or blog.

You can click the thumbnails below to load up the full HD version of each photograph and download any that you would like to use for any reason.

Moon in it´s first quarter

Dead Mountain Tree

Love Bird in a Cage

Wind Turbine

Mountain Landscape

White Flower

Canarian Plant

Clothes Peg on a Washing Line

Pond Turtle

Passing Airplane


I hope you like these photographs that I took today and last night. If you would like to use any of them for any reason, no problem at all, but if you can please maybe give some credit to PicPulp.com, that would be greatly appreciated. You can also download all images in a zip file here in their full resolution.

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